Saturday, May 12, 2012

fresh starts

I first started blogging not too long ago, with my roommate M, as the girls on 23rd. The blog came to be after a late night baking frenzy followed by a crazy sugar high. We wanted to share our love of food and my obsession with clothes and shoes with others who shared the same passions. We came to realize that M was too busy to post regularly, and it quickly became clear that the blog was becoming mine. So, I changed it and here I am.

After a few weeks of being a newbie blogger, I've got to say, it's been really fun. My boyfriend and I have been having such a great time finding spots in the city to shoot outfit posts and it's really given us a fun excuse to go out and explore and take in San Francisco. Helping me with the photography started out as a favor to me, but he says he really looks forward to them now! Who knew something so simple as starting a blog could lead to such new discoveries!

Happy Weekend!

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