Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

 Jcrew sweater, Jcrew shirt, Gap pants, Joie boots, RayBan Sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, OPI nail color in 'Dim Sum Plum'
(below: Jcrew trench coat, Jcrew sweater, 7forallmankind jeans, AGL flats)

What a weekend! Carnival parades, a visit to the SF farmer's market, a Carnival block party in the Mission, and a two and a half hour long hike in Marin to top it all off! 

If you live in the SF Bay Area and you haven't checked out the mountains in Marin, I recommend taking some time to hike a trail or two. I spent yesterday hiking along the Pacific Ocean with my boyfriend and his wonderful parents. The breathtaking view makes the hard work worth it, I promise.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Red, White, & Grey

Gap trench coat, Zara blazer, Jcrew sweater, Jcrew pants, Sam Edelman sandals (on here and here!), LWCollection Bag (custom design), RayBan sunglasses, new Michael Kors 'Runway' watch, Jewelmint & Jcrew bracelets, necklace from Ebay

Hope you all are enjoying the long Memorial Day weekend! This weekend is packed full of crowd-drawing events in San Francisco. For starters, the Golden Gate bridge is turning 75 and the annual Carnival is happening here in the Mission. All the fun commotion comes hand in hand with loud traffic causing crowds which is why the boyfriend and I escaped to the East Bay for a couple of hours. We came back home just as the streets were quieting down; perfect for a nice quiet Saturday night in.

I'll be spending Memorial day hiking in the mountains and spending some overdue quality time with Mother Nature. What will you be doing on Monday?

Have a GREAT rest of the long weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nikon d3100

Today I'm sitting at my desk eagerly waiting for my new Nikon d3100 to arrive! I'm so excited I couldn't wait to share. Can't wait to take some amazing photos with this thing!

(photo courtesy of Amazon)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easy Steamed Buns

Every now and again, I find myself craving something different for lunch. As appetizing as they started off being, the countless sandwiches and burgers start to become a tiresome routine. Steamed buns are a delicious alternative to the typical sandwich but the process of making the dough can be time consuming. After doing some research, I found an easy, no hassle way to recreate the soft, steamed dough, perfect for filling with any assortment of meats and veggies; Ready made biscuit dough.

Those buttery, flaky pillsbury biscuits we all grew up with turn into warm, chewy buns when you stick them in a steamer. All you do is pop open the container, pull out the dough and flatten each round down into larger circles. Fold them in half and steam them for about 10-12 minutes til they're steamed completely through. Fill them with your choice of meat/veggies and viola! Steamed buns ready to eat.

recipe Steamed buns (as pictured)

-1 package of pre-made biscuit dough (I used Pillsbury Flaky Layers Original)
-Pre-cut slices of steak 
-Perilla leaves, washed (Shiso leaves. These can be found in most asian markets. They have a nice, slightly minty taste)
-Radish sprouts, cut and washed (You can find these at most supermarkets these days)
-Cucumber, washed and julienned
-Sweet chili sauce (optional)
-Salt (to taste)
-Pepper (to taste)

1. Set up your steamer.
2. Open biscuit package remove biscuit dough. 
3. Flatten each biscuit round into a larger circle and fold in half. Place each folded bun into the steamer allowing 1-2inches of room for each. Depending on the size of your steamer, you may have to steam the buns in small batches. Steam the buns on high for 10-12 min or until the dough is cooked through.
4. In a separate pan, start cooking the steak slices on med-high heat. Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper. When cooked, take off the heat.
5. Once your buns are steamed and ready, carefully (this will be hot!) take them out of the steamer. Open them at the fold and start placing your filling; perilla leaf first, followed by the steak, sprouts and cucumber. 
6. Add a little of the sweet chili sauce on top and enjoy!

 Hope you've had a great weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Blues

Abercrombie & Fitch shirt, Joe's Jeans, Jcrew necklace (old, new colors here), Liz Clairborne bag, Enzo Angiolini pumps, Kate Spade watch, Jcrew bracelets, Yves Saint Laurent glossy lipstain in 'Orange de Chine'

Happy Friday!

I'm heading down to L.A. for a weekend at my parent's house, catching up and relaxing with the mom and dad. After a crazy first day at the new job, it's just what I need.

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, don't forget to check out Bay to Breakers

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Day Leopard

Jcrew sweater jacket, Jcrew dress, Ann Taylor belt, Mango shoes (on sale!) Kate Spade Watch, Jcrew bracelets

Today is my last day at my office and it's bittersweet. As excited as I am to start my new job tomorrow, it's sad to leave a place I've grown so familiar with.  With the frustrations of work came lots of laughs and great memories that will keep me smiling as I head off to an unfamiliar place, attempting to make new friends and allies.  Thanks Syufy Enterprises; it's been a pleasure!

Happy hump day! It's almost over!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Overcast waters

Guess blazer, Jcrew shirt, Gap pants, B Brian Atwood boots, LWCollection Bag (custom design),
Kate Spade watch, Jcrew bangle bracelets, Essie 'Orange, its obvious' nails

Happy Monday!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful start to the week! My boyfriend and I carpooled to work this morning since he started his internship at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners today. We stopped for coffee and bagels and snapped up a few quick photos on the pier right outside his office building. 

Too bad we'll only get to do this for two more days, since I start my new job on Thursday! No more 45 minute commute for me, thank goodness.

Have a great day, everyone!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A gift for mom

Attilio Giusti Leombruni Ballerina Flat (slightly different style here)

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you all are enjoying a very special day with the moms in your life! And if, like me, some of you are away from your mom, I hope you called her to say hello and tell her you love her. My mom lives down in LA and I'm up here in San Francisco, so unfortunately for me I won't be able to give her her well deserved Mother's Day gift until next weekend. 

If you haven't tried on a pair of AGL flats, go do yourself a favor and head to a Nordstrom and slip these babies on your feet, stat! These are the softest, most comfortable pair of flats I've ever owned; the leather is like butter and the soles are padded for a "walking on clouds" feeling. I scored a great pair on eBay last year and ever since, I've been contemplating getting another just because they're so amazing. I know my mom would never spend the money on herself, so when I saw these at Nordstrom for an incredible price, in her size, I knew they were meant for her. I love you, mom!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Feather White

Ever since Anh from 9to5chic instagrammed pictures of this blazer, I‘ve been lusting over it. I NEED this blazer. It would fit in so nicely in my closet. However, the $665 price tag would not. Thursday’s one day only, 30% off sale at Neiman Marcus brought the price down to $450 and, believe me, I was seriously tempted. 

I decided to be financial responsible and save the money for another day (who am I kidding, I’ll probably end up buying more shoes in a couple weeks). Instead I found a very similar blazer, minus the feathers on ebay, and I plan on taking it to my tailor and having her stitch me up a much more affordable version. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Summer Green

Jcrew shirt, Banana Republic pants, Jcrew belt, Alexander Wang ‘Adele’ clutch, Enzo Angiolini heels, Kate Spade ‘Carousel’ watch, Jcrew bracelets, Laura Mercier nail polish ‘Sizzle’
It feels like summer’s already here in San Francisco. This past weekend has been nothing but blue skies and a touch of heat, and it looks like the heat is hanging around for a bit. Which means I’ll be throwing on my keep cool basics for a while; white pants and a bright shirt.
Enjoy your Saturday!